About BEA

Trust & transparency

Founded in 2021, BEA is a Copenhagen-based talent management agency that represents rising talented Scandinavian actors for the world to experience. As a new player in the entertainment industry and guided by the vision of founder Jonathan Basse, BEA aims to create a strong foundation of prosperous relationships across the entertainment industry built on trust and transparency. We strive to achieve this by promising our partners full transparency in everything that we do. Moreover, our goal is to represent talents nationally as well as internationally, offering our valued partners ambitious and professional actors, who are ready to bring the best performance out of each individual on set.

The Story behind BEA

It was a coincidental meeting halfway around the world that inspired Jonathan to found his own talent management agency. At a dinner party in Singapore, Jonathan unexpectedly met a charismatic Australian film producer, whom introduced him to the world of films. Shortly after his meeting with the film producer, Jonathan found himself on a filmset in Morocco with renown actors such as Jonathan Rhys Meyer, Olivia Thirlby and Navid Negahban. Inspired by his new acquaintance and unique experience with the film world, Jonathan’s interest with actors and the entertainment industry was born.

The Founder

Jonathan Basse

Founder & CEO

Jonathan is an entrepreneur and talent manager. He has over five years of experience in sales & marketing, strategy, and commercial development. All of which Jonathan seeks to put into effect by managing the future of BEA and its talents. He has an international background studying and working in different countries such as Singapore, USA, Germany, and Denmark. It has motivated him to strive for an international career and prepared him to work in a dynamic industry such as the entertainment industry. In 2022, Jonathan finished his Master’s degree at Copenhagen Business School in Sales Management.